Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello My Name is ....... MOM

For as long as I could remember I have wanted to be a mother.  I love my kids... all four of them.  They are wonderful and amazing in their own way.  They each make me laugh and cry and smile in different ways.  I had no idea that I could love this much.  I love the way they smile in the morning.  I love the way they get excited.  I love the way they like to talk to me.  I love the way we laugh at each other. I love the hugs we share.  I LOVE them!!!

I also had no idea that I could worry this much.  I worry about their health, their happiness, their studies.... I worry about my parenting skills the most.  Am I giving them what they need to become functioning adults?  I am teaching them to be respectful, honest, giving, kind spirited, loving, caring and successful.  My children are still young, but I look back and wonder, have I been so self- consumed with my own life that I have done them a disservice?  Or have I favored one and let the others down?  I have missed things that I will later regret?  Have I forgotten what is important? Have I taught them enough about our Savior? Have I prepared them enough for the world?  Will I ever think that I have done a good job with my children?

As I look at them as they sleep, I can’t help but smile. They have great grades, they each have wonderful personalities, and they each have a passion for life that melts my heart.  When I think about them, I am just overwhelmed with excitement, joy and love.  My kids LOVE me!! They are not perfect and sometimes they argue with each other and sometimes they get underneath my skin and sometimes they get frustrated with me, but at the end of the day I lay them down and kiss them good night and I thank the Lord that they are mine.  He has truly blessed me.  He knew what I needed and placed them with me.  He also knew that I can be a fantastic mom.  He has always had faith in me.  At the end of my life I will know at least one thing, I raised four OUTSTANDING people and I was the best mom I could be.

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