Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello My Name is ....... Road Trip Driver :)

As I am getting ready this morning to take my son on a four hour road trip to see his favorite college team play football, I began to think of how many memories can be made in a car, on the side of the road and at your destination. 

Road trips have been wonderful and painful.  To just get in the car and go.  To just drive down the road and smile.

I remember my very first road trip and I was in charge of the map ... ha ha ha ....That did not go so well.  I remember the road trip we took five kids on to the Alamo, the Capital, the beach and Sea World.  I can still remember the smiles on their faces and the terror in their eyes when we thought we were going to a museum but it was really a haunted museum.  :)  Everyone was crying .... There were two college girls in our group and they helped carry out kids.   We still laugh about that today. 

I remember the first road trip Bailey and I ever took to Norman.  It was his birthday and we went and watched a basketball game.  We had the best time.  Listened to the radio loud, laughed, and just watched him sleep on the way home.  I always take pictures, but they do show the absolute greatness that it was.  We have since made that trip several times, so much I no longer need a map and Bailey knows the exits.  Each time that same route brings different enjoyment.

I remember the road trip that my sister and I took our mother to see Kid Rock.  We had the best time.   Those are the last happy memories with my sister.  Memories that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.  I never thought the amount of fun I had in that van would be jaded later by the talk of another road trip.  I guess memories effect people in different ways ... for me I will remember that time with my mom and sister as wonderful and amazing and not let today make me feel sorry I made that trip. 

I remember the Zumba road trip to Austin.  Eight girls is a van, four hours of Zumba and a night on the town.  I had a blast ... I danced on a bar ... and I never thought I would do that.  When you are surrounded by great people, fears are thrown out the window. 

I look forward to a planned road trip with my dear friend.... the world better be ready ... two girls in a car driving 17 hours ... here we come... I cant wait to see what we talk about, what we cry about and what laugh about.  Or the road trip coming up to see my favorite band with some of my favorite people.  I cant wait for those memories.   I cant wait to take it all in.  I cant wait for the many many more trips to Norman, because I know there will be some. 

I think every persons life is like a road trip.  You have stops and detours.  You need to fill up and wash your car every now and then.  Some times you have a map and sometimes you just through it out the window.  You see places and people that you will never forget and then there are places that you just can not drive through fast enough.  Regardless of your destination and what you have to go through to get there, each mile is truly and memory.  At the end you are only remembered by the memories you make with people.   I plan to make millions of memories and drive millions of miles with my kids, my mom, and my close circle of friends.  Those people right there make all the detours and road construction bearable!!!!

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